What Are The Tips and Tricks for DIY Sofa Deep Cleaning?

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Most people have a sofa in their home, which they clean regularly using a vacuum cleaner, brush, or duster. These cleaning methods will only remove the dirt from the top of the sofa. However, the stains, odors, pests, and dirt that were absorbed will remain. Hence, sofa deep cleaning is recommended for removing odors, stains, and dirt, killing pests and harmful microbes. Some tips for sofa deep cleaning are provided below which will help homeowners supervise the professional cleaners or safely and properly clean the sofa if they are doing the deep cleaning themselves.


Spot Testing Cleaning Products First 


The sofa material used varies depending on the sofa design and the different cleaning products available may not be compatible. However, there are ways to clean stains on different sofa materials. One thing that is advisable to do is spot testing. Spot testing is done by testing the cleaning product on a small hidden area of the sofa. In some cases, the cleaning product may discolor the sofa material or cause water marks after spot testing. This indicates that it should not be used and other cleaning products should be considered. If there is no discoloration of the sofa after spot testing, the cleaning product can be safely used on the sofa.


Avoid Using Too Much Water 

Many people incorrectly assume that using a lot of water will help in cleaning the sofa better. Depending on the material used, water can make the sofa shrink or stretch. If more water is used, it will take a longer time for the sofa to dry. Thus, increasing the risk of mold, mildew formation, and harmful microbes like bacteria flourishing inside the sofa. It is advisable to use the minimum quantity of water for cleaning and use solvent-based sprays for stain removal if possible.


Don’t Forget to Clean The Cushion Pillows 


In sofa deep cleaning, the cushion pillows should also be cleaned as part of the process. A mixture of water and cleaning solution is applied to the cushions, pillows, or headrests. The cushion covers should be removed and cleaned in the washing machine. If the pillows are not washable, a mixture of water and essential oil can be used to freshen them and the pillows can be dried.


Dry The Sofa Thoroughly


If the sofa is not dried properly after cleaning, harmful mold, mildew, bacteria, and other microbes will multiply rapidly in the sofa. A wet sofa will also become dirty more quickly. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the sofa is dried properly before it is used. For this, the fan should be switched on and/or left windows open to improve air circulation. Additionally, to make your cleaning process to be effective you can explore the different ways to effectively clean your fabric sofa.


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Regular cleaning of a sofa using a vacuum cleaner, brush or duster is important to maintain its appearance, but it is not sufficient to remove stains, odors, pests, and dirt that have been absorbed. Sofa deep cleaning is recommended to thoroughly clean and sanitize the sofa. Homeowners can either supervise professional cleaners or safely clean the sofa themselves by following a step-by-step guide for DIY sofa cleaning at home. This includes spot-testing cleaning products beforehand, avoiding using too much water, cleaning the cushion pillows, and ensuring that the sofa is thoroughly dried before use. Engaging the services of a reputable sofa cleaning company like DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore can also ensure a high-quality cleaning job. By following these tips, homeowners can keep their sofas looking and smelling fresh and clean for a long time.


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