How to Deep Clean Your Sofa With Common Household Items

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Compared to other furniture in the home, family members and visitors are likely to spend more time on the living room sofa. The sofa is far more likely to become dirty, get stains, and have a foul smell after being used for a few months. Many families are interested in following a guide for DIY sofa deep cleaning at home since they can do it whenever they wish.

Some of the easily available household items which can be used for sofa deep cleaning are listed below. Therefore, individuals can use the right cleaning product for removing stains, dirt, smells, pests, and harmful microbes.




One of the tips to maintain your sofa is to use vinegar. It can be used for removing dirt as well as odors from the sofa. Since vinegar is acidic, it should be mixed with an equal amount of water and sprayed on the area which has to be cleaned or has an odor. Though the area will have a vinegar smell initially, it will disappear as the vinegar dries. The material of some sofas may get damaged or discolored if vinegar is used. Thus, it is advisable to do spot testing on a small area that is hidden. If there is no discoloration, it can be used on the remaining area. For spot cleaning, vinegar is often mixed with baking soda or soap.


Baking Soda 


Baking soda is used extensively to remove foul odors from the sofa. These odors are usually caused by bacteria and other harmful microbes which flourish when moisture levels are high. To remove the foul odor, the entire sofa should be covered with a layer of baking soda for at least a few hours. This is so that the gases and excess moisture are absorbed. The baking soda should then be removed using a vacuum cleaner or brush. Baking soda is also used with vinegar for removing dirt and stains, since they react chemically to produce carbon dioxide, lifting the dirt with them. To effectively use baking soda, you may refer to this step-by-step guide on using baking soda for fabric sofa cleaning.



Lemon juice is acidic so a diluted solution can be used for cleaning, removing stains, and bleaching in some cases. It is advisable to test the lemon juice solution on a smaller area to check if there is any discoloration or if the original color is retained. If there is no reaction, then the sofa can be cleaned. Additionally, lemon juice can also be used to remove watermarks on fabric sofa.

For stain removal, a solution of baking soda with lemon juice and water can be used. A cloth dipped in the solution may be applied to the stained area for some time. Usually, most stains can be removed using this method. You may refer to these steps to remove stains on your fabric sofa as your guide in doing so.


Dishwashing Soap


The sofa has some sections without upholstery and these sections are usually easier to clean if they are made from metal or plastic. A solution of dishwashing soap in water should be prepared and used for cleaning these parts of the sofa. The solution of dishwashing soap and water can be used as an alternative method for cleaning stains. After that, remove the dirt and excess moisture with a clean paper towel or cloth. Additionally, learning the ways to clean stains on different sofa materials can be an advantage when planning to clean your sofa.


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In conclusion, keeping the living room sofa clean is important to maintain hygiene and comfort in the home. While there are various household items like vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and dishwashing soap that can be used for sofa deep cleaning, it is important to spot tests before using them to avoid any damage to the material. In cases where individuals prefer professional cleaning, they can engage DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore for quality sofa cleaning services.


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