Ways To Clean Stains On Different Sofa Materials

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The sofa is one of the most widely used furniture items in most households, with family members spending time on the sofa interacting with each other, visitors and/or watching TV. Thus, the sofa gets dirty at a faster and more regular rate when compared to other furniture. Don’t wait until those signs become too obvious to ignore.

With the sofa being the centerpiece of the living room, families are no doubt interested in learning about the tips to maintain their sofas, the availability of sofa cleaning services, or just how to remove different types of sofa stains as soon as possible before they set. Precautions that should be taken as well as the materials and techniques which are effective for sofa cleaning are described in detail below.


Understand The Different Cleaning Codes

There are several steps to remove stains on your fabric sofa and one should pay attention to the makeup of their upholstery when cleaning. Using the wrong cleaning material can damage the sofa. Usually, a code is provided to indicate the cleaning method:

W – Water or foam-based solution

S – Cleaning solvent without water

WS – Upholstery shampoo, dry cleaning solvent or mild detergent

X – Only brushing or vacuuming should be used, no solvent or water should be applied


How To Remove Sofa Stains

Most sofas have a fabric or leather cover, each with a specific method of cleaning.


Fabric Sofa


For fabric sofas, the combination of water and soap is typically enough to remove most kinds of fresh stains, from food to wine and blood to watermarks. However, if these stains have dried, professional upholstery cleaning services may be required.


Leather Sofa


Regular stains on leather sofas, when fresh, can also be cleaned with a soap solution. However, special stains will require specific handling.

Grease Stains

The grease stains are slimy to touch and can be removed by applying baking soda to the stain for a few hours to absorb the oil. The stain is then washed away

Ink Stains

For ink stains, a solution of rubbing alcohol should be applied to the cotton ball and dabbed on the ink stain until the ink dissolves. After the ink is removed, dry the affected area.

Wax or Gum

Wax, gum, or any other sticky residue are easier to remove when hardened. Applying ice cubes to the affected area can help in the solidification process. Once the residue has hardened, you can scrape it off with your fingernail or with a spoon.


Seeking Professional Sofa Cleaning Services


If you are unable to remove the stains from your sofa on your own, it is recommended to acquire professional sofa cleaning services. DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore, for example, has a gallery of previous sofa cleaning work that you can check out before engaging.



The high utility rate of the sofa means that it is prone to collecting dirt and stains. It is important to treat those stains early and correctly before they set and invite mould and other unwanted growth. If you are unsure of how to approach it on your own, engage a professional sofa cleaning service like DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore to have peace of mind and a clean sofa at the end of the day.

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