5 Ways To Effectively Clean Your Fabric Sofa

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A fabric sofa is one of the most common pieces of furniture to have in Singapore. That said, it can accumulate dirt as well as stubborn stains over time. These can cause the sofa to be dirty as well as produce an unpleasant smell. As such, regular sofa cleaning is necessary. 

Having your fabric sofa regularly cleaned helps maintain its clean appearance and prevents it from producing any unpleasant smells. However, you should take note of the following steps to ensure the cleaning process is properly done.


Steps For Effectively Cleaning Your Fabric Sofa

In order to clean your fabric sofa effectively, make sure to follow these steps:

Check Your Sofa’s Cleaning Instructions

Most sofas come with tags containing directions for cleaning. If your fabric sofa is among them, carefully check the tag so you know which cleaning methods are not advised by the manufacturer. This sofa maintenance tip will help prevent any unnecessary damage.

In addition, the tag might have codes that will give you a better idea of what cleaning tools you should use. Common ones include X for vacuum only, W for water-based, S for solvent (dry clean only), and S/W for a mixture of solvent and water. If you need help, one of the reasons why you should engage professional sofa cleaning is that they can help check and use the right cleaning methods and tools.

Use Dry Brush

The next step when cleaning the sofa is to loosen the dirt by using a dry brush. It has natural bristles that will thoroughly loosen up any particles from yellow stains or spills that are embedded in the sofa’s fabric. 

Vacuum Clean Your Sofa


You can use a handheld vacuum cleaner to suck any remaining particles and dirt on your sofa. This will also help you identify which parts of your sofa are stained and require spot treatment. Afterwards, you can proceed with the steps to remove stains on your fabric sofa.

Apply Baking Soda To Clean Your Sofa


Using baking soda can also eliminate any odours and stains present on your fabric sofa. For this, apply some baking soda over the stained areas of your sofa. Mix a solution made of water and vinegar into a spray bottle. The solution should be sprayed over the stained areas and allowed to settle for around 15 minutes. After which, wipe the stained area with a cloth. If there is any baking soda residue left, you can remove it using a vacuum cleaner. Additionally, you may also refer the step-by-step guide on using baking soda for fabric sofa cleaning

Spot Treat The Stains


Besides applying baking soda, spot treating stains is also essential as a way to clean your fabric sofa. Among the most basic methods of spot treatment is using the cleaning agent suggested by the sofa manufacturer. 

One concern homeowners have when coming across sofas is potential discolouration. There are several ways to clean stains on different sofa materials. In this case, you can test the solution on a small area to see whether it becomes discoloured. If there is no reaction, you can proceed to spot treat the stains on your fabric sofa and wipe the solution using a cloth. Simply repeat this process until the stain is eliminated.

Dry Your Fabric Sofa

Whenever you’re finished with the steps to DIY sofa cleaning at home, always make sure that the cleaned fabric sofa is allowed to dry so it’s free of any moisture. Simply soak up any wet areas with a soft towel and then allow the sofa to dry naturally where there is enough ventilation. If there is any remaining solution present, just brush it off. 


Why Should You Hire A Professional For Sofa Cleaning?

Some homeowners may not have the time and tools necessary to clean their fabric sofa themselves. Others may also have difficulty removing the dirt and stains on their sofa despite their best efforts. Fortunately, you can resolve these issues by hiring a professional sofa cleaning service. Another reason you should frequently engage a professional sofa deep cleaning service is they can thoroughly clean your sofa without damaging it in any way. Moreover, they will know which proper cleaning tools to use.  



When cleaning your fabric sofa, make sure to read the cleaning instructions on the tag. Once you’ve done so, you can proceed to dry brush and vacuum your sofa to remove the dirt. To remove any stains and odour, apply baking soda onto the stains and then spot treat them with a cleaning solution. Afterwards, let your fabric sofa dry. Should you face any difficulty with these steps, you can opt to engage a professional to do upholstery cleaning instead.


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