How To Clean Different Types of Upholstery

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Most people use upholstered furniture like couches and chairs frequently since the upholstery makes it more comfortable to use. As a result, this upholstered furniture has a higher likelihood of being dirty and worn quickly. Everyone enjoys using freshly cleaned upholstery, so many families are curious to learn more about the process. They specifically want to know if they should employ specialists for the upholstery cleaning in Singapore or if they can do it themselves. 

Like how there are different ways to clean stains on different sofa materials, cleaning techniques also vary depending on the type of upholstery material. Additionally, they are interested in learning how the cleaning procedure changes according to the kind of upholstery. The kind of material will typically be indicated on a label on the upholstery by the manufacturer, along with cleaning recommendations in many cases.


Synthetic Upholstery 

Given how simple to maintain and affordable synthetic upholstery is, many individuals like to buy furniture made of nylon, polyester, and olefin. Unlike when cleaning fabric sofas, any water-based cleaning agent or product can be used for cleaning of synthetic upholstery. If the upholstery can be taken apart, the fabric should be separated from the padding before being cleaned, dried, and put back together.

In most step-by-step guides to DIY sofa cleaning at home, it is strongly recommended to test the cleaning product on a tiny patch of cloth first before using it. This is to ensure that the upholstery fabric will not shrink or get discolored. If any of these issues occur, you may consider using a different cleaning solution. 


Velvet Upholstery 


Despite the luxurious appearance of velvet upholstery, velvet is a fragile fabric. It can become ruined if it is not cleaned correctly. The user should be careful when cleaning since using the incorrect cleaning method might ruin the upholstery fabric. In this case, professional cleaning service is recommended. To keep your velvet upholstery in top condition, watch out for the signs you need professional upholstery cleaning


Cotton Upholstery 


Natural fabrics like cotton can soak up a lot of water when cleaning. In cleaning this fabric, you may use soap and water. Then, make sure to dry it thoroughly before use. Sofa steam cleaning is preferable if the cotton upholstery cannot be removed. If there are any stains, it is best to wipe them with a damp cloth to get rid of them. It will be more challenging to remove a stain if pressure is used to rub it since it will stick to the cloth. If you choose to clean your upholstery at home, you may refer to a guide to steam cleaning your fabric sofa


Wool Upholstery 


Wool material is extremely stain resistant. With this material, regular cleaning and dirt removal should be done with a vacuum. It is advised to wipe any spilt liquid as soon as possible to remove it from the wool upholstery. It is not suggested to wash wool since doing so would cause it to lose the lanolin oil that gives it resistance to stains and germs. Even though this material is impenetrable by stains, it is still important to apply proper tips to maintain your sofa to prevent your furniture from getting dirty and smelly. 


Microfiber Upholstery 

Microfiber upholstery has a high density of fibers which prevents dirt from entering it or reaching the inner layers. This causes the material to require less care and to be more long-lasting. The dried dirt on the microfiber upholstery can be removed using a fabric brush. Any spilt liquid should be wiped immediately. Other remaining dirt can be scrubbed away with a brush once it has dried. For more cleaning tips for this material, you may also refer to the different ways to effectively clean your fabric sofa.


Combined Upholstery

Lots of upholstery furniture combine natural and synthetic fibers for improved comfort, durability, and other qualities. Commonly, natural fabrics like wool or cotton are combined 50/50 with polyester or acrylic. If the upholstery is fragile or expensive, you may need to engage professionals to clean your upholstery. Alternatively, you should check whether the manufacturer has supplied cleaning recommendations and just follow them. Typically, they provide labels with cleaning instructions which you can follow when trying to clean your upholstery. The mixed fabric has to be cleaned with extra caution to prevent shrinkage or other damage when using standard washing techniques. 

One of the reasons why you should engage professional upholstery cleaning services is they know how to prevent damage when cleaning. In addition, they are equipped with the latest tools to properly do the job. 


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In Singapore, the majority of homeowners lack knowledge about the proper techniques for cleaning upholstery. They also do not have enough experience in doing so. Therefore, it is recommended to engage the services of reputable professionals like DW Sofa Cleaning that have cleaned a variety of upholstery types for numerous customers. With our years of experience and expertise, we can guarantee effective and thorough upholstery cleaning services for you. 



All of the aforementioned upholstery types vary in terms of the cleaning techniques that can be applied to them. For synthetic upholstery, water-based cleaners will do. This is similar to the cleaning of upholstery made of cotton where experts advise the use of soap and water. In contrast, microfiber and wool upholstery require dry cleaning with the use of fabric brush and vacuum, respectively. Meanwhile, velvet and combined upholstery seem to be the materials that require utmost care when cleaned. 

The best approach to ensure that your furniture is cared for properly is to engage experts who have the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to clean upholstery properly. You should extend the lifespan of upholstered furniture since it represents a significant investment. Your furniture will last a lot longer if you hire experts to clean the upholstery. There are limits to how much you can do on your own, but specialists have access to the most advanced tools to thoroughly clean your upholstery. Visit the DW Sofa Cleaning website to check out more of our sofa cleaning services whenever you like. 


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