5 Signs You Need Professional Upholstery Cleaning

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Most furniture is upholstered, making it pleasant to sit or relax on. Upholstery is often made of cloth, padding, foam, and other elements. Because most furniture is used on a daily basis in most households, the upholstery will become dirty and smelly. As a result, frequent upholstery cleaning is important to keep it in excellent condition. Some of the signs that upholstery cleaning is required are mentioned below so that homeowners may engage appropriate cleaners.


Worn Down Appearance


Even if the family may frequently vacuum their furniture, certain dirt and debris, such as hair, may get trapped in the upholstery fabric and other materials and cannot be readily removed. It will appear fuzzy and old because of the stuck hair in the seams. Similarly, the sofa may collect sweat, body oils, and other liquids which may change the texture of the upholstery and make them appear dusty and worn. To avoid this, one of the tips to maintain your sofa is to have it regularly cleaned. 


Odorous Furniture


Frequently, the upholstery may collect dirt, body oils, perspiration, food, and other materials, which causes smells. The dirty upholstery will allow the growth of germs and other organisms, giving off a bad scent. Cleaning is advised if the upholstery has an unpleasant odour. One of the best reasons why you should engage a professional sofa cleaning service is they can completely eliminate the bad-smelling odours caused by your dirty upholstery. 


Discoloration and Stains

Food and other objects tend to get spilled on the upholstery, thereby staining and discoloring it. This happens especially if the spill is not cleaned right away. The sofa gradually develops many stains that give it a dull appearance. While homeowners may consider throwing away stained upholstery, cleaning it is typically more cost-effective. If you wish to clean it on your own, you may look into the ways to clean stains on different sofa materials



Constant usage can cause dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens to gather over time in the fabric upholstery of the furniture. These may lead to a range of allergies, including skin rashes, itching, and sneezing. One of the reasons why sofa deep cleaning is important is because it improves the air quality in your home. Professional cleaning will help you eliminate allergies, resulting in fewer health issues among your family members.


Visible Dirt


Despite the fact that family members will use a vacuum cleaner, it frequently fails to completely clean the upholstery especially if it lacks the right attachments. To avoid dirtying cushions and other items on the upholstery, other cleaning methods are necessary. Just like there are different ways to effectively clean your fabric sofa, there are also various ways to effectively clean your upholstery. Professionals are knowledgeable about this matter which is why it is recommended to have your upholstery cleaned done on a regular basis. This will allow your upholstery to look fresh everyday. 


Lack of Regular Upholstery Cleaning

Lack of time, cleaning supplies, and cleaning expertise often prevents family members from cleaning the upholstery as often as they would like to. Not regularly cleaning your upholstery may even shorten the lifespan of your furniture. It may also accumulate dirt over time which can cause health issues among the family members. Hence, it is advised to hire a professional cleaner to clean the upholstery if it has not been cleaned in a while. Should you need a guide for cleaning your furniture on your own, you may refer to a step-by-step guide to DIY sofa cleaning at home


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Singaporeans spend a lot of money on furniture, and they want it to last for many years. It is crucial that you keep an eye out for any indications that your upholstery needs to be professionally cleaned. This includes worn down appearance, bad odour, stains, health issues, and visible dirt. These are noticeable signs that you can watch out for to know whether your upholstery is already in need of professional cleaning. Professionals can revitalise your upholstery by effectively getting rid of these odours, stains, dirt, and worn appearance, leaving your furniture looking fresh. 

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