What Factors Affect the Cost of Professional Sofa Cleaning Service in Singapore?

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Though most families clean their sofa periodically using a vacuum cleaner, broom, or brush, it does not remove the stains, foul smells, and other dirt. Hence, homeowners will hire professionals specializing in sofa cleaning services for removing embedded dirt, bacteria, and foul odors. In addition to finding the time taken for cleaning, families would also like to get information about the cost of the sofa cleaning service in Singapore which will help them plan their budget accordingly. Some of the main factors which affect the cost of cleaning the sofa properly are discussed below.


Sofa Material 


A large variety of fabrics and other materials are used for making sofas. As such, there are varying ways to clean stains on different sofa materials as well as recommended cleaning methods. Some fabrics like microfibers attract more dirt and have to be cleaned more thoroughly, while other materials can be cleaned more easily, reducing the cost of cleaning. Before performing the steps to DIY sofa cleaning, it is advisable to check the sofa material and cleaning instructions provided by the seller.


Sofa Size


The number of sofa sets and the size of each set will vary in each house. Some of the sofas have chairs for seating only one person, while other sofas are two, three, four, or five seaters that are larger in size. How often you should get your sofa cleaned as well as the cost of sofa cleaning will depend to some extent on the area of the sofa. For larger sofas, the cleaning cost is usually higher, though other factors should also be considered. If there are multiple furniture sets, the service provider may offer a discount bundle.


Cleaning Method 


The cost of cleaning also varies depending on the material and cleaning method. While sofa steam cleaning can be used if water based cleaners are allowed, hot water extraction is often used for cleaning fabric and synthetic materials. Dry cleaning using a solvent cleaner is a preferred way of effectively cleaning your fabric sofa if water will damage the material. For extremely delicate material, a dry foam cleaner is recommended. Usually, the cost of cleaning will vary depending on the time taken and also the type of cleaning supplies, and equipment required.


Additional Services 

In some cases, additional services like applying a stain protector may be required at additional cost. Often the cleaning of the sofa may be combined with other home cleaning and maintenance activities like furnishing, upholstery, or mattress cleaning. If the same service provider is hired, they may offer discounts if more services are engaged.


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By taking note of the different factors affecting the cost of professional sofa cleaning services, you can better plan your budget when your sofa needs to be cleaned. The material of your sofa can affect the cost since some materials need to be cleaned more thoroughly. Besides that, the size of your sofa will determine how much you need to spend as does the cleaning method required. You’ll also need to consider the possibility of additional services being required which will increase the cost of the service. To avail of efficient sofa cleaning at reasonable prices, contact DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore. Our team of professionals can clean your sofa thoroughly for you without charging any hidden costs. 


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