7 Common Myths Homeowners Have About Sofa Cleaning in Singapore

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Sofas are an essential piece of furniture in every home. They provide comfort, relaxation, and a place to unwind after a long day. However, many homeowners in Singapore have misconceptions about sofa cleaning. In this article, we will debunk seven common myths about sofa cleaning and provide you with the correct information you need to keep your sofas clean and well-maintained.


Feather Stuffed Sofas Accumulate Dust And Dirt On The Upholstery

One common myth about sofa cleaning is that sofas filled with feathers are magnets for dust and dirt on their upholstery. Although it is accurate that feather-stuffed sofas might attract dust and dirt, with consistent care and cleaning, excessive buildup can be averted. A practical approach to how to clean this type of sofa is frequent vacuuming of the upholstery, which aids in eliminating dust and dirt particles, ensuring your sofa retains its freshness and cleanliness. Additionally, professional sofa cleaning services in Singapore can effectively deep clean and remove any stubborn dirt or stains from your feather-stuffed sofa, leaving it looking as good as new.


Fabric Sofas Require Special Cleaning Attention


Another myth surrounding sofa cleaning is that fabric sofas require special cleaning attention. While it is true that different types of fabrics may require different cleaning methods, most fabric sofas can be cleaned using a gentle, non-abrasive cleaning solution. 

It is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions or consult a professional sofa cleaning service in Singapore for specific cleaning recommendations. A way to effectively clean your fabric sofa is to regularly perform vacuuming and spot cleaning. These are crucial tips to maintain your sofa. Remember to blot any spills immediately to prevent them from setting into the fabric.


Microfiber Sofas Are Entirely Dust And Stain Resistant


Many homeowners believe that microfiber sofas are entirely dust and stain resistant. While microfiber is known for its durability and resistance to stains, it is not completely immune to dirt and grime. Over time, dust particles can settle on the surface of the microfiber sofa, making it look dull and dirty. To address this, you can follow expert tips on removing dust mites from your sofa. This involves regular vacuuming and spot cleaning to help maintain its cleanliness. However, for a more thorough cleaning, consider hiring professional cleaning services in Singapore to ensure that your microfiber sofa remains in pristine condition.


Microsuede Sofas Can Be Cleaned Like Any Other Couch

Microsuede sofas are often mistaken for being cleaned like any other couch. However, microsuede requires special care and attention when it comes to cleaning. Using the wrong cleaning agents or scrubbing vigorously can damage the delicate fibres of the microsuede fabric. To clean a microsuede sofa effectively, adhere to the correct steps for DIY sofa cleaning

Begin by vacuuming to eliminate any surface dirt and debris. For minor marks, one way to clean stains on this sofa material is to use a gentle detergent diluted with water, gently blotting the mark with a pristine cloth. For more stubborn blemishes, it’s advisable to turn to professional sofa cleaning services in Singapore to guarantee your microsuede sofa receives both effective and safe treatment.


Leather Sofas Can Be Cleaned Using Regular Cleaning Agents


Contrary to popular belief, leather sofas cannot be cleaned using regular cleaning agents. Leather is a natural material that requires special care and attention. Using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents can damage the leather and cause it to lose its lustre. 

For cleaning a leather sofa, adhere to a guide to sofa deep cleaning. Begin by wiping it down with a soft cloth or vacuuming to eliminate surface dirt and debris. Next, gently cleanse the surface using a mild leather cleaner or saddle soap. After the cleaning process, don’t forget to apply a leather conditioner to hydrate and safeguard the leather. If you’re dealing with persistent stains or require an in-depth cleaning, it’s best to approach a professional sofa cleaning service in Singapore, ensuring your leather sofa gets the dedicated care it deserves.


Removing Odors From Sofas Requires Washing

Many homeowners think that to eliminate odours from sofas, they need to wash them. However, cleaning a sofa can be complex, especially if it isn’t meant for machine washing. Rather than resorting to washing, various effective techniques can be used to deodorise sofas. One way to prevent odor on your fabric sofa is by consistently cleaning and promptly handling any spills.

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that can absorb unpleasant smells. Sprinkle baking soda on the sofa, let it sit for a few hours, and then vacuum it off. Another method is to use a fabric freshener spray specifically designed for upholstery. These sprays can help neutralize odors and leave your sofa smelling fresh. If the odor persists, consider hiring professional cleaning services in Singapore for thorough odor removal.


Proper Pillow And Cushion Drying Isn’t Needed To Prevent Mold And Mildew


Many homeowners underestimate the importance of proper pillow and cushion drying when it comes to preventing mold and mildew. Moisture can easily get trapped inside pillows and cushions, creating a conducive environment for mold and mildew growth. To prevent this, ensure that pillows and cushions are completely dry before placing them back on the sofa. 

If your pillows or cushions have been exposed to moisture, consider using a dehumidifier or placing them in a well-ventilated area to speed up the drying process. In cases of severe mold or mildew infestation, this is a clear sign that you need professional sofa cleaning service. Seek their help to effectively remove the mold and ensure a clean and healthy living environment.


Engage DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore for Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of your sofas, it is highly recommended to engage professional sofa deep cleaning services in Singapore. DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore offers a range of professional services that can effectively clean and restore your sofas to their original condition. With our expertise and specialized equipment, we can remove stubborn stains, eliminate odours, and ensure thorough deep cleaning of your sofas. By entrusting your sofa cleaning needs to professionals, you can enjoy a clean and hygienic living space.



Sofa deep cleaning is important for upholding the cleanliness and appearance of your furniture. Therefore, to ensure your sofas stay clean, fresh, and well-maintained, it’s essential to dispel common myths about sofa cleaning. Feather-stuffed sofas can be effectively kept clean and well-maintained through regular vacuuming and professional sofa cleaning services. Fabric sofas, on the other hand, demand delicate cleaning attention and frequent spot cleaning to maintain their optimal appearance. When it comes to microfiber and microsuede sofas, they require specific care and attention to uphold their cleanliness and appearance. For leather sofas, the key is using appropriate leather cleaners and conditioners to preserve their beauty. To remove odours from sofas, you can rely on baking soda or fabric freshener sprays. Lastly, ensuring proper pillow and cushion drying is crucial to preventing mould and mildew growth.

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