6 Tips For DIY Sofa Steam Cleaning

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In many homes, the sofa is the most frequently used piece of furniture. If it is not the family who is using it, it may be visitors or pets. This makes the sofa more likely to become dirty quickly or exhibit a foul smell. Therefore, many homeowners are looking to perform DIY sofa steam cleaning. Although it may be better to contact a professional sofa steam cleaning service, there are some who lack the time to call a professional. If you are among them, below are some DIY tips that will help you clean your sofa efficiently.


Check Your Sofa’s Color Fastness 

Sofa steam cleaning is considered one of the many ways to effectively clean a fabric sofa. Take note though that the quality of dyes used for a sofa’s fabric can affect the result of steam cleaning. In fact, steam cleaning can cause a sofa’s colour to bleed. Thus, it is advisable to first clean a smaller area of the sofa that is hidden to check whether the sofa colour will bleed or fade. If the colour bleeds or fades after 15 minutes, it is better to employ another method of sofa cleaning


Check Your Sofa’s Cleaning Code 

Sofas are often made from materials like velvet, fabric, leather, synthetics, and many others. Manufacturers usually will have a specified cleaning code for each particular sofa, depending on what material it’s made out of. This cleaning code indicates the type of cleaning solutions that can be safely used. 

A cleaning code of “W” indicates that water, including steam from steam cleaners, can be safely used to clean the sofa. On the other hand, a cleaning code of “S” specifies that only a solvent-based cleaner should be applied. In this case, steam cleaning the sofa is not advisable as it can damage the sofa. A cleaning code of “X” meanwhile indicates that only a vacuum cleaner or a brush should be used. When brushing or vacuuming your sofa, be sure to follow proper sofa maintenance tips. Otherwise, seek help from professional sofa cleaning services.


Choose The Right Steam Cleaning Machine

For DIY sofa steam cleaning, you can either purchase or rent a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners are available in a wide variety of sizes, capacities, and designs. When cleaning your sofa though, it’s best to use steam cleaner designed to for upholstery. This type of steam cleaner is small and portable and may also have a detachable hose. These attachments will allow you to reach the deepest crevices and corners to thoroughly clean your sofa.


Vacuum Your Sofa First


Among the many things to know about DIY sofa steam cleaning is before conducting any cleaning, you should vacuum your sofa first. This is to remove all particles that are still embedded in your sofa. Otherwise, they could cause stains which will make the cleaning of your sofa more difficult.


Pre-Treat Any Deep Stains

Before you start performing sofa deep cleaning, it is advisable to prime your sofa by removing any stains. There are many ways to clean stains on different sofa materials. An upholstery cleaner can partially dissolve the stains after which a paper towel or fabric should be used to absorb them. As for non-oil stains, they can be removed with steam alone. If the stains are caused by oil or grease however, a commercial cleaner should be applied.


Clean The Cushions 

Cushion cleaning is also recommended when steam cleaning a sofa. This is because cushions can quickly become dirty since oil and dirt from human skin and clothes are transferred to them. After cleaning one side and allowing it to dry, follow the same steps for the other side.


Allow Your Sofa to Dry 


One of the reasons why it’s important to perform sofa deep cleaning and steam cleaning is they help prevent mould and mildew growth. Keep in mind though that if you use the sofa right away before drying it thoroughly, the mould and mildew will flourish. Therefore, make sure that the sofa is completely dry before it is used. All windows should be opened and the fans turned on. This will improve air circulation and enable the drying process to be much quicker.


Contact DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore For Your Sofa Steam Cleaning Needs 


More often than not, even if you’ve faithfully followed a step-by-step guide to DIY sofa cleaning, steam cleaning your sofa yourself still won’t suffice especially in dire cases. In situations like these, it is better to hire professional sofa cleaning services. DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore will come equipped with the latest steam cleaning equipment to effectively and efficiently clean your sofas at reasonable prices.



To properly carry out DIY sofa steam cleaning, it is essential to follow the above-mentioned tips. First, check the sofa’s colour fastness and cleaning code in order to know how to perform the cleaning without damaging the sofa and its fabric. Afterwards, pick an appropriate steam cleaner. It is equally important to prime your sofa also by vacuuming it, pre-treating any deep stains, and of course cleaning the cushions. This is to prevent dust and stains to spread whilst steam cleaning. Lastly, after all the cleaning has been done, allow your sofa to be perfectly dry to avoid mould and mildew to grow. 

Although DIY sofa cleaning can suffice in some cases, it may not always be effective. One reason why you should engage a professional cleaning service to steam clean your sofa is they have more experience and skills. This means they can do sofa cleaning more effectively and safely. If you’re looking for reliable sofa cleaning services, contact DW Sofa Cleaning. We also offer upholstery cleaning, sofa & mattress cleaning, and many other sofa cleaning services.


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