How Often Should You Steam Clean Your Sofa?

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Most homeowners are unaware that vacuum cleaning a sofa isn’t sufficient. Since a sofa is often made of fabric upholstery, any dirt, bacteria, and other harmful microbes will inevitably penetrate its inner layers making them difficult to remove. Thus, experts recommend having sofa steam cleaning done to remove all deeply rooted dirt and microbes from the sofa. In case you’re unsure when to engage professional sofa cleaning services to clean your sofa, you can take note of the following guidelines.


Why Should You Steam Clean Your Sofa Regularly? 

Most people spend several hours on their sofa daily watching TV, relaxing, or just hanging out. Besides that, they often fail to regularly clean their sofa. As a result, sofas can quickly become dirty and incur lots of dirt and stains deep in their fabric. They also end up having a foul odour at times. This is why you should engage a professional sofa cleaning service regularly. By having them steam clean your sofa time and again, you can prevent any negative health effects.


How Often Should You Steam Clean Your Sofa? 


One thing you should know about sofa steam cleaning is that how often it should be done will largely depend on the condition of the sofa and household habits. If the owner has pets or small children, professional sofa steam cleaning should be done at least three or four times a year. For families that do not have pets or children and are conservative in using their sofa, steam cleaning can be performed just once or twice a year instead. However, this will still depend on the condition of your sofa and many other factors listed below.


Factors Affecting Frequency of Sofa Steam Cleaning 


Anyone with small children and pets should have their sofa steam cleaned more frequently. This is because they tend to carry dirt over to the sofa. It’s also vital to have steam cleaning and sofa stain removal done as often as possible if your sofa is frequently used by yourself or visitors. Lastly, if any members of your household owners have asthma or other respiratory illnesses, sofa steam cleaning and sofa deep cleaning are extremely important. This is because they help prevent dust and buildup which could cause these conditions to worsen.


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How often your sofa should be steam cleaned will depend on several factors. To determine how frequently you should receive sofa steam cleaning services, be aware of how often you and members of your household use your sofa. You should also check the current condition of your sofa and whether it has garnered lots of dirt and stains. 

If you still feel unsure about when to have your sofa steam cleaned, you can seek assistance from a professional. One benefit of hiring a professional for sofa steam cleaning is they can correctly identify the extent to which your sofa should be steam cleaned. For reliable sofa steam cleaning services, choose DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore.


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